5 Teething Facts

All parents look forward to their child’s first toothy grin but teething can be a distressing process for both children and parents involved. In fact, teething can happen – on and off – for many months so the process of teething is arguably more of a discomfort than painful. But that doesn’t make that time in parenthood any less of a hurdle.


1 | Baebs need to chew to grow teeth | All that chewing and biting your baeb does prior to cutting a tooth is not without purpose. Numerous studies have found that chewing during this stage in a baeb’s development actually aids teething. As the tooth pushes up through the gum, your baeb chews in order to apply downward force and relieve some of the pressure that can cause pain.

2 | It takes longer than you think | The move from that gummy grin to a mouthful of gleaming teeth can take your baeb a lengthy three years to complete; so do not panic when your baeb’s teeth do not all sprout up overnight.

3 | New teeth are surprisingly pointy | Your baeb’s new teeth may be tiny but they can also be quite sharp. Avoid toys and teethers that contain liquids or gels in case your baeb’s new teeth pierce the surface of their comforter. There are risks of ingesting unknown and potentially harmful chemicals.


Chewing during this stage in a baeb’s development actually aids teething.


4 | A little extra drool is normal | It may not be the prettiest part of parenthood but mopping up all that extra saliva is not without reward. Saliva protects your baeb’s currently tender gums from the germs found on all the items that your baeb will inevitably try to chew on during the teething period. This fact is especially comforting when you find your little one happily chomping on a toy they just dropped in the garden.

5 | Your baby will get moody | Your baeb has known very little pain up to this point. Now that teeth are forcing their way through your baeb’s gums, it is understandable that they will be a little bit moody. Some baebs will find teething process more painful than others and will be more difficult during this stage. Just try to be understanding and provide the best tools to get your baeb through this time.


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